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The new generation of shopping experience

Park. Read the QR Code. Receive your shopping in your trunk. Yawa Pick is the most user-friendly platform for grocery pick-up.

The freshest
idea on your shoppings

When you want to use your time differently, when you can’t leave your car, when you want to optimize your journey towards home, Yawa Pick is the free solution for you. Download the tool that will simplify your daily life.

Yawa Pick is ready for all the modes of your time


Yawa Pick

Yawa Pick is a platform where you can have access to the closest/your favourite supermarket, choose a pick date and time, buy your groceries online and pick up your shopping at the selected time. All this with zero contact and zero time loss!


Yawa Market

Yawa Market is the back office app used by supermarkets for orders and process management. Yawa market supports the supermarkets in giving the customers a flawless service. Thanks to its semplicity, supermarkets can offer a high quality services without long trainings and an adaptation curve.

Shopping Basket

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Reach out to our experts to know more about Yawa Pick. Yawa Pick could simplify your shopping experience, Yawa Pick can save your time, Yawa Pick can make the grocery shopping experience easy and effortless.

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