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From design to implementation


We deliver technological solutions including but not limited to Application Development , Systems Integration, Web Services, Web Development, Database Migration etc., and also provide services for your existing products built using or mounted on Intersystems Technology.

Data Extraction

We can assist you with data migration projects for all your data stored in Intersystems IRIS, HealthShare, Ensemble, Cache Database regardless the platform used for storing data including third party applications.

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Web Applications

Our professionals can create sophisticated web applications using a combination of CSP and JavaScript to meet your expectations interns of exposing web services or simple applications mounted on Intersystems IRIS database.

Integration Services

Our professionals can develop interfaces to

connect your mission-critical applications using IRIS interoperability platform.

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Our professionals are highly skilled in Intersystems technology stack and come with experience in various domains such as HealthCare, Banking and Finance, Wealth Management, Telecom etc., and can assist you with implementing solutions matching your expectations.

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