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Automation is the Key

Evolution in automation: speed, reliability, accuracy and a personalized design for your pharmacy.

What is RIEDL Phasys?

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Sophisticated Simplicity in Automation

RIEDL Phasys is the system for the automated dispensing of drugs in the pharmacies, resulting from the partnership between a group of German engineers who have been working in the pharmacy automation sector for over twenty years and the GPI Group, which has been designing and developing IT solutions and services for health and social care in Italy and abroad for over thirty year.

What are the advantages:

- More space to display the products;

- Optimised Stock Management

- Process Optimisation

- More time for Customers

Download the brochure!

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Why you should choose Riedl Phasys

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Riedl Phasys


- High reliability and good service provided

- Very quick and responsive

- Good system with a low maintenance rate

- Core components owned/manufactured by the company

- High reliability and good service provided, except for some cases

- Resposive but not as quick as Riedl Phasys

- Most of the time they are a good system but they require high maintenance

- Sometimes core components ae not owned/manufactured by the company

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